Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i love you because...

(to my ELEVEN MONTH old)
i love you because...
11. you waiting patiently for me to get you out of your bed in the morning standing big and tall with a HUGE grin!
10. you have a super fast crawl especially when you spot your big sister's sippy cup, encouraging me to be a go getter!
9. your funny pincher grasp, opened as wide as possible, and how you attack your dinner!
8. you have rolls and rolls and rolls! that are so ticklish and remind me to laugh about everything!!!!!!
7. you study your big sister's every move and giggle a special giggle just for her! encouraging me to make everyone feel special!!
6. you are so creative, always figuring out how to get what you are after! (and sneaky!)
5. you LOVE life and are full of JOY!!! even joyful while soaking wet... swimming in the dog bowl! :)
4. you clap for everyone! and never tire playing peek-a-boo! you're always surprised to find me!!!
3. how you reach for me to pick you up and dive into my lap while i'm sitting on the floor!
2. your AMAZEMENT when your daddy walks in the door!
1. how you love me unconditionally and teach me how to love deeper everyday!

i can't believe my baby doll is 11 months old! what a fabulous time i am having! i am so undeserving!


Jana said...

cati just love Lucy Beth's sweet and quiet demeanor. She has an innate tenderness that you can already see. I love this little girl! Miss Lucy Goosey! Thanks for tonight and helping me get my mind off of things! Sweet Betsy Grace kept me entertained!

BabyGraham said...

I am teary eyed. :)

Jill Atkinson said...

She is precious! Praise the Lord for our sweet blessings! What creative b-day theme are you planning for Lucy Beth??? Can't wait to see :)

Having It All said...

Mimi, she is just precious. You're a good mamma. Hope you're all doing well.