Monday, November 16, 2009

lucy beth's FIRST baylor game

although it wasn't a win for the bears, they did have a new little cheerleader in the stands! lucy beth LOVED her first game! we were so tickled watching her and betsy grace interact!

so far behind! uh, happy halloween!!!???

ok, so i am almost embarrassed to even start blogging again! we have been super busy in the harrison house. both girls are growing and B-U-S-Y!!! we had a super fun halloween! i think betsy grace actually got it this year! even though she doesn't even like candy, she managed to collect quite a bit! here are my little cheetahs! oh, and betsy grace's "kitty lantern".

Sunday, September 27, 2009

first day of school...

first day in front of the sign

that's my dress i wore in preschool! (some of you may remember it... from jack-n-jill)

betsy grace with ms. rogers (she insisted on braids! :) )

daddy and baby sister watching through the observation window

betsy grace started school mid-august at waco montessori. she LOVES it! her teachers name is ms. rogers and mrs. tala. she loves her green montessori bag and her cubby. every friday is "show and share" and she loves to try to find interesting things to bring to show her friends. the best is when she comes home and plays "school" at home. she lines up all her bears and dolls, names them (classmates names, of course) and then takes roll and helps them with their daily activities. funny little grown-up 3 year old!!! m

Monday, September 21, 2009

third annual spring creek ranch labor day weekend!

the harrison clan

girls enjoying the gator

attempt at our family picture

the bunny whisperer

each year on labor day, the whole harrison clan heads to meridian texas to enjoy a weekend of fellowship and relaxation! this year, we took a 3 year old and a 1 year old! we all had so so much fun! the girls had a BLAST riding in the gator, (thank you fleming's for letting us borrow it) and spending time with family we don't get to see every month. we took our annual family picture and this year all practiced driving golf balls on the newly developed "spring creek national golf course" (respectively named by steve). my favorite part of the weekend was all spending time around the dinner table together. we all exchanged stories and laughed and laughed! this year was also so special because BOTH girls enjoyed themselves so much! last year lucy beth was only 3 weeks old which made for sleepless nights for me! all in all, memories were made and i am already looking forward to next year! m

Thursday, September 17, 2009

a very LEMONY birthday......

happy birthday to the cutest ONE year old!!!! my sweet lucy beth turned ONE on August 7th! we had a "lemonade stand" birthday party for her on the 28th. guests enjoyed fresh squeezed lemonade and "crumpler" cookies, and were asked to bring a new book (instead of gifts... lucy really just enjoys her sisters toys) to be donated to the methodist's children's home. we had so much fun and had a really great turn out regardless of the 115 degree weather. (ok, not really 115, but with the humidity it felt that way). LB is a JOY! she is BUSY BUSY and really just funny! she loves her big sister and her puppy! size can be deceiving, she is actually a very picky eater! although, she definitely has the sweet tooth out of the two. she makes me smile ALL DAY LONG! my most favorite thing about her... she makes everyone around her feel special! no matter where we are, grocery store, mother's day out, or even home... she makes you feel like you hung the moon. she smiles at you, she'll pat you, blow you kisses, anything to make your day! she wakes up happy and goes to sleep happy! i am SO BLESSED by her!!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

a MUST post... (so i don't forget)

so, i was quickly cleaning while my nuggets were sleeping before we had to head to gymnastics this afternoon, when i heard the following conversation...

(let me preface this by setting the stage for ya. i had tip toed into both girls rooms and turned off both sound machines, in hope that they would wake up on their own instead of me waking them up... (they seem to wake up happier that way))

lucy beth woke up whining and then kind of crying...
then i hear it...

betsy grace: "LUCY... I'm coming to RESCUE YOU!!!"

lucy beth: crying/ whining continues

betsy grace: "sh sh sh sh sh..... just let me put some panties on first!"

i LOST it! i was cracking up! what a helper! what a funny conversation! i adore those beauties! m

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i love you because...

(to my ELEVEN MONTH old)
i love you because...
11. you waiting patiently for me to get you out of your bed in the morning standing big and tall with a HUGE grin!
10. you have a super fast crawl especially when you spot your big sister's sippy cup, encouraging me to be a go getter!
9. your funny pincher grasp, opened as wide as possible, and how you attack your dinner!
8. you have rolls and rolls and rolls! that are so ticklish and remind me to laugh about everything!!!!!!
7. you study your big sister's every move and giggle a special giggle just for her! encouraging me to make everyone feel special!!
6. you are so creative, always figuring out how to get what you are after! (and sneaky!)
5. you LOVE life and are full of JOY!!! even joyful while soaking wet... swimming in the dog bowl! :)
4. you clap for everyone! and never tire playing peek-a-boo! you're always surprised to find me!!!
3. how you reach for me to pick you up and dive into my lap while i'm sitting on the floor!
2. your AMAZEMENT when your daddy walks in the door!
1. how you love me unconditionally and teach me how to love deeper everyday!

i can't believe my baby doll is 11 months old! what a fabulous time i am having! i am so undeserving!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


hi!!!!!!! so sorry for the extra long delay! we are all super in the harrison house! betsy grace just turned three (as you will see below) we had a donut birthday party!!! she had a blast! her baby sister is almost ELEVEN months old and officially crawling EVERYWHERE!!! quickly i might add! she's wild and is often found disassembling the TV remote (maybe she'll work for the cable company when she grows up) or putting clothes, towels, toys, stuffed animals, pretty much ANYTHING she can find over her head! she LOVES to play peek-a-boo! i do LOVE this age... they are playing SO well together... for now! oh, how i pray they love each other like this for a long long time!!! i know the fights will come eventually, but for now we are really enjoying them together! lately when i tell betsy bug i love her she quickly says, "well, i love lucy beth!" it so funny! i think she thinks sometimes she can only love one person at a time! she's funny! she does still insist she has a baby in her tummy. the baby's name is also consistently "marlin". oh, and she's a girl! i don't know, we'll see, i'll keep everyone posted! funny little women! m

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ode to mary...

i ran in to a sweet friend at the grocery store today that reminded me to update my posting. we are doing super! betsy grace is getting bigger and smarter. she is actually getting good at stalling, especially at bedtime. she is super funny! for example, after pouring out an entire brand new box of cherrios she said, "um, mommy, i think that's an accident...." lucy beth is SUPER busy... not really crawling, more scooting, and lots of rolling around. when she does get really mobile she will be out of control into everything. betsy grace came into my bathroom this morning and sweetly said, "mommy, her eat my book... baby sister ate my book." i went into the den to discover, she was right, lucy beth had in fact eaten the binder off her lady bug book. the evidence was in her mouth and down her shirt. crazy babies! love love love them!!!