Monday, September 21, 2009

third annual spring creek ranch labor day weekend!

the harrison clan

girls enjoying the gator

attempt at our family picture

the bunny whisperer

each year on labor day, the whole harrison clan heads to meridian texas to enjoy a weekend of fellowship and relaxation! this year, we took a 3 year old and a 1 year old! we all had so so much fun! the girls had a BLAST riding in the gator, (thank you fleming's for letting us borrow it) and spending time with family we don't get to see every month. we took our annual family picture and this year all practiced driving golf balls on the newly developed "spring creek national golf course" (respectively named by steve). my favorite part of the weekend was all spending time around the dinner table together. we all exchanged stories and laughed and laughed! this year was also so special because BOTH girls enjoyed themselves so much! last year lucy beth was only 3 weeks old which made for sleepless nights for me! all in all, memories were made and i am already looking forward to next year! m


Kimberly said...

next time, you need the mule! creighter bug would love to share...better yet, let us come with you :) so glad you had a great time with your family.

The Munsterman Family said...

Your girls are so cute Mimi! And I love your long hair :)

Nicki W. said...

CHRISTMAS CARD PIC!!!! looooove that family picture! ok, when the boys go hunting, let's play.

kinsey said...

yall's little family is beautiful! love your hair long and straight :-) miss you friend!

Emily K. said...

I love the girls dresses, y'all all look so cute! I love family get togethers :)

Sally said...

ahh, that looked so fun!! What great family time, and i agree - that family pic of the 4 of you is totally fit for a christmas card! the girls are stylin in their cutie dresses too - love them!!!

jana fleming said...

GREAT pics of some of my VERY favorite people. and the girls look like they were born to drive/ride in that gator - seriously! love you guys!